Congress topics

The International Congress programme covers five topics. These topics will be subdivided into more specific sessions.

Observation System

Identifying, measuring and understanding the past and present change of biodiversity and its patterns as caused by land use, climate change and other relevant drivers.

Task force
BIOTA East Africa Eberhard Fischer
BIOTA West Africa Tobias Landmann
BIOTA Southern Africa Norbert Jürgens

Process Analysis

Understanding, modelling and predicting ecosystem functions, processes and mechanisms.

Task force
BIOTA East Africa Katrin Böhning-Gaese
BIOTA West Africa Henning Sommer & Jakob Fahr
BIOTA Southern Africa Florian Jeltsch

Land use, impact and value

Ecosystem services, goods and values and their human appropriation.

Task force
BIOTA East Africa Gertrud Schaab
BIOTA West Africa Elisabeth Kalko & Dethardt Götze
BIOTA Southern Africa Ernst-August Nuppenau


Tools and strategies for better management decisions (sustainable use, restoration, conservation) from community level to national policy.

Task force
BIOTA East Africa Nick Mitchell
BIOTA West Africa Karen Hahn-Hadjali
BIOTA Southern Africa Michael Kirk

Capacity development

Knowledge, skills, and data tools for decision making.

Task force
BIOTA East Africa Karl-Heinz Lampe
BIOTA West Africa Dorothea Kampmann & Marco Schmidt
BIOTA Southern Africa Ute Schmiedel